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the Fresh Chilli Company
Prik Sod
of Premium Thai Chilli



/’phrik s̄d/’พริกสด/
means ‘Fresh Chilli’ in the Thai language.




Prik Sod – The fresh chilli company is a family owned business based in Bangkok, Thailand. We started out in 1982 as a small chilli farm supplying fresh Bird’s Eye and Thai Spur chillies to the local Thai wholesale markets. We have come a long way since then and are now one of the biggest producers, sellers, distributors and wholesalers of chilli in Thailand, which is one of the most important producers of fresh chilli in the world. Thai chilli are in high demand worldwide, which is a testament to their high-quality, nutritious value and taste.

We diligently work hard to provide premium products at competitive prices to our clients in Thailand, the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. Our clients include large vegetables distributors, importers, exporters, supermarkets, retailers, hotel and restaurant chains in Thailand and abroad.

We currently employ over 50 employees and own more than 1,000 hectares of chilli farms across Thailand to support our operations. We aim to become one of Thailand’s leading exporters of Thai chilli produced in a sustainable manner to play our part in making the world a better place.

In Thailand, we do business with, among others, Tesco-Lotus, Big C Supercenter, Max Value, Villa Market and Phanthai Norasing. As part of our business strategy, we have been expanding our operations internationally over the past few years to customers in Hong Kong, Singapore, England, Germany and the USA.

Our primary focus is to grow and sell a wide variety of premium chilli in an environmentally sustainable manner. Our agricultural approach includes established permanent crops, secure water rights, large contiguous areas, consistent land yields and value-enhancing farming techniques.

We have been certified in relation to numerous agricultural industry standards, including hazard analysis and critical control points (HAACP) standards, good agriculture practices (GAP) and good manufacturing practices (GMP).

We strive to provide quality assurance for our clients at every stage of the produce production cycle and continue to work towards other certifications as well.

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Prik Sod
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Types of Thai chillies we export



Some of the services we provide



We can arrange for our chilli to be packed in 5kg, 10kg or 20kg foam cartons. We even include gel packs to guarantee freshness during transportation.

Labeling & Tagging

Labeling & Tagging

We can arrange for labels, barcodes or even your company brand to be on the boxes just before shipping them out from our packing facility.



Air conditioned transportation or refrigeration container units can be arranged by our shipping department. Just let us know your requirements.

Air Freight

Air Freight

We always recommend air freight as this gets our Chilli over to you the fastest, retaining all the freshness and quality we are proud of.

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